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 Sarah McCrum presents a message from money 
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Words by Sarah McCrum   Music by Gary Malkin   Video by Louis Robert

  What would money like to say to you…?  

 If this message from money resonates with you, I'd like to gift you the first 4 chapters of my book, Love Money, Money Loves You. 

Your free sample includes…

Chapter 1

What money would like to say to you

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Chapter 2

You can’t control money

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Chapter 3

Money will save the world

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Chapter 4

A new blueprint for making money

Praise for Love Money, Money Loves You

Thank you for writing this book it has totally changed my perspective and relationship with money and i have a deeper understanding around the energetics of money.

Bel Urquhart

This book is not just about money. It is about changing our perspective about life to improve the quality of our own living as well as the lives of others around us through changing our thoughts and actions. It is about how to be a better person, have a healthier family, and community, and live in a more abundant world.

 Firoozeh Bowden

Sarah McCrum
Author of “Love Money, Money Loves You”
 About the Author 
Hi, I’m Sarah McCrum.

I’m a teacher and author with 22 years of experience, who’s dedicated to helping you transform your relationship with money, so you can do more in the world and feel at peace with your life.

My book, Love Money, Money Loves You, reveals a deeper truth about what money really is, how it works, and how you can form a healthier, happier relationship with it.

This isn’t like any other ‘how to make money book’ out there

As you read, you will become acquainted with the energy of money.

Many people say it’s like meeting up with a long-lost friend after many years apart.

I hope you enjoy this free sample.